Achieve and Monitor Peak Milk

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Achieve and Monitor Peak Milk

April 2012

The idea that higher peak milk will influence the amount of milk produced during the entire lactation is a valid one.  Each pound of additional peak milk means more pounds of milk during the entire lactation.  During the transition from pre- to post-calving, there are many metabolic disorders that can limit the cow’s ability to achieve higher peaks.  Health events such as retained placentas, milk fever, displaced abomasums, metritis, and mastitis can all have an impact on the cow’s ability to acquire and utilize the nutrition needed to achieve peak milk.

One key factor that can influence the peak milk height is transition nutrition.  An article by Daniel Kohls featured in Progressive Dairymen describes the impact of using a fresh cow drench (including beneficial yeast, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, electrolytes, and vitamins) as a way to address nutritional deficits at the time of calving.  “While many dairies use these products to treat sick or sluggish cows, research points to the fact that healthy appearing cows may have the most to gain from these nutrients at the time of calving.  Repeated research indicates 4 to 6 pounds higher peak milk in healthy cows supplemented with at least one dose of these drenches at the time of calving, as well as a lower incidence of post-calving metabolic events.  This can yield up to 800 to 1,500 pounds more milk per lactation from this single supplementation from improved nutrient and health status of the cow at calving.”

Fresh Cow YMCP Plus was developed as a drench to provide the essential nutrients needed to help lower the incidence of post-calving metabolic events and help cows to achieve higher peak milk.  Fresh Cow YMCP includes:
• Contains 30 billion colony forming units of live yeast to help repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria and jumpstart the rumen
• Magnesium is added to help the body to better absorb calcium
• Contains 54 grams of calcium, derived from four different sources, including highly palatable and easy-to-absorb milk calcium, that help to return muscle tone of the uterus and rumen/digestive tract to reduce the chances of a displaced abomasum
• Added potassium which is essential for energy metabolism helps them get back to normal feed utilization
• Niacin is added for ketosis prevention

Fresh Cow YMCP is also available in other, easy-to-administer forms:
>>Fresh Cow YMCP Capsules
>>Fresh Cow YMCP Paste
>>Fresh Cow YMCP for Organic Dairies

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