• Goat RD Formula is compatible to mix with milk replacer or milk
  • Adding daily DFMs promotes faster rumen development and encourages starter intakes, both of which allow goats to gain weight more quickly, promotes increased growth rates, and wean earlier if desired
  • Giving Goat RD Formula has been shown to have economic advantages through earlier weaning and better goat performance



  • Contains concentrated strains of live (viable) bacteria, which have been shown to promote earlier consumption of dry feed and improved growth rate when fed daily
  • Includes digestive enzymes and antioxidants to help encourage a healthy immune system
  • Formulated with fermentation product, including live yeast, to enhance weight gain through better gastrointestinal health
  • Specialized protein creates a healthy digestive environment to better withstand the potential impact of pathogens such as clostridia, E.coli, strep, staph, and salmonella


Mix 1 scoop (4 grams) per 100 pounds of kid body weight, in milk or milk replacer once daily, every other day. Example: 1 scoop can be given to ten, 10 lb kids - adjust as body weight increases. Consider feeding a pelleted feed because kids have a habit of sorting and picking.

800 gm jar Control No. 55058-189
Available in the U.S.


Goat RD Formula is specifically designed to aid in the development of the rumen to establish dry feed intake at an earlier age to help improve weaning weight and reduce digestive health issues. Packed with DFMs (direct-fed microbials), Goat RD Formula uses live bacteria to help maintain a more desirable digestive environment, in turn helping to stave off pathogens and aid in nutrient utilization.

Goat RD Formula is an effective way to help goats to ease the transition to dry feed with less digestive disruption.



  • Daily in milk or milk replacer until weaning
  • To aid in rumen development
  • To improve the transition to dry feed and enhance intake
  • To help reduce digestive disturbances
  • To populate the digestive system with healthy bacteria
  • To help goats to be more viable when moved to a group pen
  • To help in prevention of pre-weaning bloat


Direct-fed Microbials