Kid Restart


  • After consuming quality colostrum, Kid Restart provides and additional boost of energy and electrolytes for the newborn kid
  • Helps to reduce starvation loss due to energy deficiency or dehydration



  • Includes multiple sources of energy to provide an instant boost when feed intake is reduced
  • Plasma proteins and probiotics help to quickly restore digestive health
  • Electrolytes help to provide balanced hydration any time that dehydration occurs
  • Mixes with water to provide necessary fat and protein


Use at a rate of 1 ounce of Kid Restart to 3-4 ounces of water.  Bottle or tube feed if necessary, 1-4 feedings, until the kid is back up and drinking.  Follow up with BlueLite K in milk or milk replacer to encourage good intake. 

s needed 
 Administer as a drenchA

Crude Protein, min........10.50%
Crude Fat, min..............14.50%
Crude Fiber, max............0.50%
Calcium (Ca), min............0.40%
Calcium (Ca), max...........0.90%
Salt (NaCl), min...............2.75%
Salt (NaCl), max..............3.75%
Potassium (K), min..........1.75%
Vitamin A, min........16,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D3, min........4,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min..............240 IU/lb

1.5 lb bag/
10 bags per case
Control No. 54133-185
10 lb pail  
Available in the U.S.

For a kid, dehydration and weight loss can happen very quickly.  Make recovery easier for a nutrient deficient kid by providing a quick boost of energy and electrolytes.  Kid Restart contains electrolytes, amino acids, plasma protein, proviotics, fat, and multiple sources of energy in a readily digestible milk base.  A complete nutritional pack, Kid Restart provides a dehydrated kid with the instant boost of plasma proteins and nutrients necessary to quickly restore digestive health.



  • To help promote hydration balance
  • To encourage appetite for quick recovery
  • To balance the digestive system using beneficial bacteria


Electrolytes, Amino Acids, Plasma Protein, Beneficial Bacteria, Multiple Energy Sources 

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