Liquitein, Now with Vitamin D

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Liquitein, Now with Vitamin D

January 2012

Maintaining gut health during the transition from weaning to dry feed intake or when a pig is challenged can make the difference between a healthy pig and a starve out.  Liquitein is a ready-to-use liquid formula with energy and plasma proteins that helps to provide nutritional support for pigs that are weaned or stressed.  Producers have found that the liquid delivery method that Liquitein utilizes is a particularly effective way to deliver nutrients, especially when a pig is not inclined to eat. 

Liquitein contains key functional components to help prevent nutrient disruption:

- Serum Plasma Proteins

- Electrolytes

- Energy

- NOW! Added Vitamin D and Natural Vitamin E


Use Liquitein at weaning, for nursery or finisher stress conditions, for finisher off-feed events, for fall behind pigs, or during health challenges.


To learn more about Liquitein and the full line of TechMix Swine products, contact your TechMix Representative.  In the United States, TechMix products are available from your local veterinarian or animal health supplier.  For a source, Contact Us or call us at (877) 466-6455.  For information regarding product availability outside of the United States, please Contact Us.