TechMix Europe welcomes Hungarian dairy farmers in Spain.

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TechMix Europe welcomes Hungarian dairy farmers in Spain.

February 2013







The itinerary started with a farm visit at Mas Jané, a progressive, well-managed dairy that has been on the Aberekin genetic program for many years and is currently using milking robots in their milk parlor. Next, the group toured the amazing basilica Sagrada Familia and followed that by a fantastic flamenco performance in the "Pueblo Espanol" of Barcelona. Day two was an unforgettable experience by taking in a soccer game with nearly 100,000 other fans and watching the home team, FCBarcelona win 6 to 1.

“The program finished at the TapaTapa Restaurant, where the participants discussed the current issues of the domestic and international dairy industry with lots of enthusiasm. The visiting team enjoyed the great hospitality offered by Drs. Antoni Ferro and Gemma Falgueras on behalf of TechMix Europe, during this short but very memorable stay in a fantastic city. THANK YOU TECHMIX!” exclaims Zoltán Supek from Hostein Genetika.